Most of us have built up a portfolio of investments or insurance products over the course of our lives. Few are confident that all of these pieces will be enough to meet their financial goals, and many have not addressed some critical factors that could affect their future.

A financial plan will help you to:

  • Prioritize and quantify your financial needs, goals, hopes and dreams
  • Organize your financial information in one place for a consolidated view
  • See if you’re on target to reach your financial goals
  • Assess your risk tolerance and review your portfolio allocation
  • Establish a strategy to meet your savings, retirement or estate planning goals

What's included in a financial plan?

There are six areas to a financial plan. We illustrate those areas in the form of a pyramid to show how one area builds upon another. You may choose to focus on one area if you have a priority right now. However action in one area affects all the others, so a complete plan will address all six.

In addition to addressing these six areas, our comprehensive integrated financial planning process will :

  • Model scenarios to help you make informed decision including the financing of major purchases, timing or retirement, pension maximization, insurance solutions, and the use of trusts
  • Review your insurance policies to determine if you have the right amount of coverage at the right price
  • Stress test your plan and evaluate your exposure to risk
  • Coordinate services from attorneys, accountants, or other financial providers as needed