Our Clients

We work with individuals and families in two primary stages of their lives. Some we refer to as “emerging wealth”. These are individuals and families who are becoming well-established financially. Their needs are becoming more complex, they are accumulating more assets, and they have competing priorities like saving for retirement and planning for college tuition. Many of our clients in this category have been too busy with life to focus on their long term financial plan, and all find incredible value in developing a strategy, identifying gaps, prioritizing goals, and making sure they are taking the right steps today to make their goals a reality. Read more about what is addressed as we help you develop a comprehensive financial plan.

Our other niche is “pre-retirees”, typically 3-7 years away from the next chapter in their lives. These individuals are trying to figure out when they should retire, how to plan for health care, and what they should be doing regarding their estate plan. There are many critical- sometimes irrevocable decisions that need to be made including, when to take social security, which pension option to elect, and how to establish a tax efficient income strategy. Read more about what is addressed as we help you plan for a successful, fulfilling retirement.

Though their priorities and plans will be very different, there are several things that all of our clients have in common.

  • They have goals, hopes and dreams. We help them articulate, quantify and achieve them.
  • They care about the financial well-being, security and happiness of their family and what they will leave behind.
  • They are busy and understand the value of their time. They rely on us do the research, analysis and comparisons that they need in order to make an informed decision.
  • They know their role and delegate responsibilities they shouldn’t or don’t want to be doing. We act as their Personal CFO, providing professional guidance and management of their finances.
  • They use us as a resource. We don’t have every answer, but we’ll find it if we don’t. We pride ourselves on bringing the best and brightest to the table for our clients.
  • We like them… and they like us. We don’t care if you have all the money in the world, if you’re not a nice person, we’re not a good fit. We like to go out to lunch with our clients, socialize at events, and treat them with as much care and respect as we do for our own family.