Retirement Planning

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One of the greatest challenges facing every generation is the increasing cost, complexity and achievability of retirement. Investing during retirement in your “distribution phase” involves different considerations than what you thought about for all the years leading up to this point. You now have to develop a tax efficient distribution strategy, determine a “safe” withdrawal rate, plan for inflation, longevity, health care, and estate distribution. Yes, it’s a whole new ball game, and it’s even more complicated than before.

Our firm utilizes an expansive number of available techniques and income modeling tools that help you determine how your actions can impact the goals you are attempting to reach during this meaningful phase of your life. We help you think through the financial impact of your options by modeling different scenarios like downsizing or semi-retirement. We stress test your portfolio and make sure you account for other risk factors that could impact the success of your retirement plan.

Our comprehensive retirement plan helps you determine:

  • When can I retire and how much can I expect to live on?
  • What is the appropriate amount of risk to take on in my investment portfolio?
  • What is the optimal time to begin taking Social Security?
  • How can I minimize taxes once I start withdrawing assets?
  • What happens if we have a market drop like 2008 the year I retire? In 10 years? In 20?
  • When should I enroll in Medicare and do I need a supplement plan?
  • How do I plan for a possible long term care event? Should I self-insure or consider a policy to help protect me?